Naturally, VerVe knows how to enhance your best features with a harmony of color and excellence of artistry.  

makeup application  50                                                                  
Our artists can enhance your natural beauty. 

bridal makeup   50
Let VerVe artistry enhance your natural beauty for your special day.

brow tint   21
lash tint 26


Body Waxing Services

If you would like to enjoy a brow wax or other facial waxing with your hair services, we have limited waxing services available at VerVe Salon. 

Enjoy soft, smooth skin! Regular waxing can lead to minimizing rapid hair growth. In most locations, enjoy the convenience of an express wax area, where simple wax services are done quickly and can get you back to your day. We recommend return visits every three to five weeks, and to exfoliate with Aveda products to avoid in-grown hairs.

bare bikini    62
Takes off the desired amount of hair from the front to the backside, sometimes leaving a small amount of hair in the front.

classic bikini    37
Removes hair along the panty or swimsuit line.

brows 21
lip 13
chin 11
ears 11
nose 11
full face 50
neck 11
sideburns 11
chest 52
back (partial) 32
back (full) 52
hands 11
underarms 16
arm (partial)         27
arm (full) 37
classic bikini 37

bare bikini


legs (partial)

legs (full) 62
feet 11